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4 Ways to Help You Drink Tea Sustainably

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Here are a few ideas to help with drinking tea with a way that helps the environment. You can adopt a few of these or you can do al of them.

  1. Use a reusable cup when getting tea at a business or making your own. this way your cutting down on your single use products. Some of those cup also have plastic liners making them imposable to recycle. This one might be hard in a pandemic like we are in right now.

  2. Drinking your tea loose instead of in a bag makes it better for the environment and helps with a better flavor.

  3. Another way you can help is by measuring your water in the kettle with the exact amount you need so that you cut down on water waste.

  4. Compost your Tea and tea bags if you have them. This helps with landfills and your personal garden.

Making your own tea cuts down on money, extra product and the one use products especially in a pandemic like we are in now. It is also a good way to start living sustainably and a way to help with the environment and the future of our planet. Don't worry if you're not perfect at first all that matters is that you are improving.

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